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Welcome to Meridian Fertility. Our two clinics is devoted to providing treatment and training programs for fertility and pregnancy and birth support.


Our Fertility Acupuncturists have been treating in Infertility & Women's Health with Chinese Medicine for over 14 years and has helped THOUSANDS of IVF and natural fertility patients achieve pregnancy.


We look forward to be part or your journey towards parenthood, whether through natural conception or IVF so we can offer you all the help and support you may need establishing a healthy pregnancy.


Kirsten Wolfe, is one of the  leading Fertility Acupuncturists in Australia, she has developed  MERIDIAN FERTILITY METHOD from her unique specialised knowledge, over 14 years of treating all facets of infertility and an in-depth understanding of the unconscious mind.


Even though infertility is affecting more and more couples, in reality very few women are actually clinically infertile - most women and their partners are simply not physically and emotionally in full reproductive balance. Some have difficulty just conceiving, others suffering from recurrent miscarriage.


The Infertility Myth


The treatment methods used by our therapists at Nourishing Life Fertility Clinic are a blend of Mind–Body Medicine methods such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Neuro Linguistic Programming and relaxation therapies such as massage, Ayurveda and yoga  to enhance reproductive function, so that our patients have the best odds for conception and pregnancy. These programs perfectly compliment conventional, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) which include procedures such as in-vitro fertilization for greater chances of success.


Our practitioners are passionate about Fertility, we offer each of you individualised treatment, we are with you each step of the way to conception.  We take the stress out of infertility by giving you compassion, care and the knowledge and treatment that you need.  We pride ourselves on personalised treatment and you not being a number but a human being.


Evidence that Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine have been used to aid fertility can be found in early medical literature dating back to 3AD.






Can Women Make New Eggs?

A new study confirmed the underlying belief, unproven, that the ovary contains deep, hidden stem cells, capable of becoming new eggs. It was previously believed that a woman’s ovarian potential was determined before birth, and was incapable of being improved upon. While science hasn’t been able to study ovarian potential from healthy, living ovarian tissue, rodent studies have supported the idea that mammalian ovarian cells have a potential to produce new cells. Yet, the only tissue science has previously had to study was pathological or diseased tissue, removed from the body. It was previously proven that menopausal ovaries, when placed in a younger, healthier body, were capable of ovulating again. Science does not know how, why, or under what circumstances those stem cells can produce eggs.

The ovaries respond to cues from the internal environment (the blood circulation, hormones, nutritional status, oxygenation, stress hormones in the blood., toxin and antioxidant levels…) and create a follicular environment to mimic the body’s internal response to its external environment. It is within that follicular environment that the eggs (which have been in a dormant state since before birth) undergo meiosis, and wait to see if they will be selected for maturation and ovulation.

Knowing that ovarian tissue is capable of producing new eggs, and knowing that primordial follicles remain dormant until called into circulation by communicating with the body’s internal environment (which is based on her emotional interpretation of the external environment), let me provide a couple of stories from women I have treated.

A woman underwent high dose radiation and chemotherapy, which “killed” her ovaries. She conceived naturally.

A woman in ovarian failure, with an FSH value over 100, conceived naturally.

A woman conceived during her 7th IVF at age 47.

A woman conceived naturally with ¼ of one ovary.

A woman conceived naturally with only one ovary on the left, and only one fallopian tube, on the right.

A woman gave birth to her first child, conceived naturally, at age 48.

The body is capable of miraculous feats, when provided the right cues. I am less concerned with how to manipulate stem cells in the lab ten years from now, than I am with providing the right environment where the body can call upon its deepest, dormant potential now. While the examples might be clinical anecdotes and not research worthy, the beauty of these stories is that each of the women above had to call upon a higher potential within. According to Chinese medicine, the energy that stirs this primordial potential comes not from the Kidneys (which govern the ovaries), but from the Heart (Spirit’s) interaction with the primordial potential within the ovaries. Energetically, ones highest potential must reach into one’s most basic potential. When an internal pressure cooker is provided (like the fertility journey,) an internal state of tension is produced, requiring one to call upon this higher level of interaction. If it isn’t accessed, the HPO axis continues on its previous (horizontal) pathway of decline. When a woman can access her heart’s highest potential, we can consider it an evolutionary jump, calling upon that hidden (vertical) potential to now manifest at a higher level. - Dr Randine Lewis - the fertile soul

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